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Mastery of Self Love Launch 2020

Dear Affiliate Partner,

Thank you so much for supporting Janet Attwood’s Mastery of Self Love launch. We are overjoyed and grateful that you are on board.

The mailing and posting dates are October 2nd to October 26th, 2020.

We strongly encourage you to schedule your mailings at the earliest opportunity, because our system tracks the first cookie!

Mailing early will also allow your community to read Janet’s ebook and attend one of her webinars.

The most essential piece of content to promote is The Miracle of Self Love - 4 Magical Secrets for Living Your Magnificent Life ebook. This 50+-page ebook contains secrets that Janet uses in her life every single day, and your community will read incredible stories that she’s never shared before, or never in such a deep, touching way. It’s full of value and we know your community will love it!

The ebook will drive people to register for Janet’s webinar, The 3 Magical Keys to Self Love Masterclass, and, subsequently, to our Self-Love Extravaganza event.

For best results with your leads, remember to mail for the ebook before you mail for the webinar. 

In fact, we invite you to mail for the ebook at least twice (or once to your full list and once to unopens)!

We will also provide promotional materials for the Self Love Extravaganza Event so you could enjoy the option to mail for it after you’ve mailed to both the ebook and the webinar.

Everything you need (email swipe copy, social media post copy, and beautiful graphics in a variety of sizes) are linked below, for your convenience. 

IMPORTANT: Promotional Email Copy Tips and Instructions:

  • Make sure to hyperlink your unique affiliate link (including your affiliate ID) to the indicated text, for example:
    >>> Yes, I want the ebook now! <<< [INSERT YOUR AFFILIATE LINK] Click here to see our guide on how to find your personal affiliate link.
  • Remember to customize the highlighted fields -  FIRSTNAME, YOUR GREETING, YOUR CLOSING, and YOUR SIGNATURE.
  • You may edit this copy in your voice and personalize it for your community.

Remember: You can find your affiliate links by logging into your affiliate dashboard.

Please let us know how we can help this experience to be easy, profitable, and enjoyable.

Got questions? Send a message directly to  partners@sisterhoodplanet.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Elayna Fernandez and Roland Tokko
Launch Managers

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