Will you join me in making a space for women to come together to use our collective power to heal ourselves and the planet?

It took John Gray to remind us that we live on a different planet from men. For several years I’ve been dreaming of how to make that real for me and all of my sisters.

Now, we’re launching “Sisterhood Planet”—a place where we can grow, love, laugh, and celebrate together as women—and where we can use our feminine power together to create the world we want our children to grow up in.

Joining Sisterhood Planet will be free to everyone who considers themselves a woman. It will be a place where women come together to use their collective consciousness to project our amazing love and consciousness to heal themselves and the world.

And if you’re a man, then this is your invitation to support us, the women in your life, and help us create the opportunity to use our love and ability to nurture to create a better world.

To fund this venture, I’m launching my first course under the Sisterhood Planet umbrella: Mastering Self-Love, Magnifying Your Greatness, and Manifesting Wealth. I’d be honored to have you as an affiliate partner.

>>Yes! I'll Help Create Sisterhood Planet

With love


Janet Bray Attwood


What’s This Launch About?

Product: 7-week course on Self-Love, Personal Greatness, and Wealth.

My intention is that we will create a model that can later be used to launch other programs for women offered by our partners (that’s you!). Sisterhood Planet will be a place you can introduce new programs for women.

Launch Magnet: 50-page ebook, The Miracle of Self-Love and once your referrals opt in we’lll invite them to our sales webinar.

This is not your typical ebook. It not only contains the four key secrets to living a miraculous life that I use in my life every single day, but your community will read incredible stories that I have never shared before or never in such a deep, touching way. It’s full of value and we know your community will love it!


October 2nd - October 26th (Course begins on October 27th)

Benefits to you and your community:

  1. Transformational Tools - Give your community a free, powerful, set of transformational tools in the form of my ebook, “The Miracle of Self-Love”
  2. Taste of Sisterhood Planet - The women in your community will experience a taste of Sisterhood Planet by first enjoying the free ebook and then attending one of the complimentary webinars. These webinars will include knowledge, tools, exercises, and even mudras, mantras and  chanting!! There will also be special surprises that will make this a unique, rich experience for all attendees.
  3. Commissions - Receive 40% of the revenues from your referrals to the Summit who purchase the Self-Love course ($497 or early bird price of $297) or the upsell: Mastery of Self Love Certification.

What We Need

  1. I would so appreciate it if you could mail 2 - 4 times to the ebook (and I will then invite them to the sales webinar). I just need your mailing dates.
  2. Social Media posts during this time
  3. Your PayPal email address to receive your commissions
  4. Your W-9 form for tax purposes

Who’s Behind It?

If you don’t know me, you can read my bio here.

From experience, I’ve learned how important an experienced team is. Here’s who’s putting this launch together:

Roland and Elayna, Our Launch Managers - Have created dozens of successful events and launches and digital marketing strategies for some of the world's top leaders.

Jesper, Our Webmaster - Data analyst who’s done web development, design, and data analysis for Denmark’s three largest sites by traffic, plus dozens of other global sites.

Keren, Our Social Media Goddess - She's got a whole team who are pulling out the social media stops for us. 

Chris, Our Launch Consultant - Top online marketer who’s contributed to some of the biggest launches in the transformational world reaching more than 200 million people.

Bret, Elyssa, Gyorgyi, Toomas, Sherrie, Daniel, Wendy, Our Launch Team - Top graphic designers, copywriters, editors, and our bookkeeper (to make sure you get your commissions promptly!)


» Yes! I’ll Help Create Sisterhood Planet

I care deeply about people and the world. Sisterhood Planet is my legacy project. My dream is that it will live on long after I’m no longer here in physical form.

Thank you for helping make my audacious dream a reality.


Janet Bray Attwood

Co-author of the NY Times bestsellers,
The Passion Test and Your Hidden Riches


About Sisterhood Planet . . .

1 in 3 women in the world will experience physical or sexual abuse in their lifetime. Oppression of women is built into the fabric of our cultures—in the East as well as the West.

Many of us have made progress. We’ve created independence and freedom for ourselves, yet often the remnants of our social indoctrination keep us depressed or struggling with doubts about our self-worth, our purpose, and our ability to create a truly fulfilled life.

As a successful woman, Sisterhood Planet will be a safe space where you can share your own struggles while using your insights and the wisdom you’ve gained to inspire women who are still trying to emerge from their own social chains. Sisterhood Planet is a totally feminine place, combining the intuitive and the rational, the emotional and the physical, the esoteric and the mainstream, the inner spiritual, and the outer material. All with the aim of healing ourselves while we using our collective power to create a better world.

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